Photo: Jurassic Coast – 2019 … WHB


The hiss of the serpent
Of the boiling kettle
Of the onlooker’s disdain

All is sibilance

Yet nothing
compares in joy
With the hiss of the incoming tide

Its cadence encroaching
High on the pebble-dashed shore
Murmuring over the beach’s shingle
Pleasuring as it strokes
Ignoring resistance
Recoiling to gather strength
Each renewed thrust
Each swish-pause-hush cycle
Striving for optimum reach

The flow and ebb of its breath
Committed to that eternal
Sibilant echo
Which brings peace
To the pulse of my heart



3 thoughts on “Hiss

  1. A very beautiful poem Roland and one I feel very in tune with. The cadence, the steady rhythm, the ebb and flow. All calms the pulse of the heart and give peace of mind.
    I use this image in my breathing exercises.


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