In Fading Light

silhouette of woman standing on seashore

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In fading light I see you,
Your touch no longer there.
Your heart still throbs beside me,
But no more your silken hair.,

Your morning’s breath is frozen,
No longer soothes the air,
But there you are beside me 
And I know that still you care.

Forever in the sunrise
I’ll clutch the cross you bear,
Awaiting  till the sun dies
That death we soon will share.



This poem was written and published by me in response to the Writing Prompt Challenge, on April 17, 2019 by Midwest Fantasy on the Go Dog Go Cafe website

“Use the phrase “fading light” in a poem or piece of prose.”

8 thoughts on “In Fading Light

  1. You have used this prompt ‘ fading light’ in such a beautiful and ethereal way.
    Through your poem we feel a deep love for someone who is no longer there – yet there.


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