Postbox Blues

postal blues

Photo: WHB  … January 2019


A victim of
the email age
Now little used
My lonely lot

Now disengaged
Now cast aside
Now otiose
And left to die

Surplus to need 
The need for speed
My busy days
Have been and gone

Bustle and throb
Of vibrant life
Have passed away
Now ceased to be

My history
Of want and need
Of purposeful

For all junk mail
Dead detritus
Torn off waste 

Pariah now
The street’s reject
Too slow to match
The call for speed

Demand for pace
The need to know
Have caught me up
And let me go 

Have brought about
This timely end
So pass me by
And do not fret

As life now fades
My mission done
To desuetude
I now descend


8 thoughts on “Postbox Blues

  1. We can’t let the iconic red postboxes disappear, Roland. Better start writing … by hand .
    I still like sending birthday cards and such. This is to save the Red box.


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  2. I use them but not as often as I used to. Thanks for two new words learnt today: desuetude and otiose. Keep on teaching! x

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  3. Delightful expressions of another part of life taken over by new technology. It’s unfortunate because seems the personal touch of communicating is becoming a lost art.

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