Poet Manqué

monochrome photography of person holding book

Photo by Martin Péchy on Pexels.com

You may not yet know it, 
But I am a poet. 
I wait for my muse to inspire. 

I try not to show it, 
Hard work, I forgo it, 
My verses, not cheap, but not dire

So, call me a fool, 
Say I’m not cool, 
But of rhyming I never will tire. 

It’s my trade’s greatest tool, 
And while others may drool, 
I’ll do it until I retire.



6 thoughts on “Poet Manqué

  1. Roland,
    I know it
    That you are a poet
    And you inspire

    I thought I imitate your style as I am not a poet who rhymes …. I think.:)
    You really have me giggling with this one. I also wait for the muse which can come like a
    flood or totally seem to have gone on holiday.


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