Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

Cold to the touch
And past all hearing
Blue-mottled skin
Taught held and cold

The throb of fear
Intensely gripped
Constricted throat
Took hold

A life switched off
The dark descended
The past screwed up into a ball
Coated with fear
The future threatening
How to sum up
This final call

Che sera
Will be
What was
Was me

The now 
The then
The future
Melt into one
Not lost
Nor gone
All rest upon
Thy will be done

Fond memories remain
To feed our forever future


7 thoughts on “Thy Will Be Done

  1. I agree with Eugenia, your poem is amazing. You catch with such depth and stark truth
    the fear most of us feel when facing The final call. Yet you show how the then, the now, the when, the future all melt into fond memories that forever remain. Thank you Roland.


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