The Vagrant


The Vagrant – WHB …  Pen & Sepia Wash

The Vagrant

Trapped in this
The world’s darkness
Imprisoned with the dead
Penned in this penitentiary
Another life I’ve led

A world unknown surrounds me
And never will unfold
For life exists without me
On such a slender thread I hold

Existence is my penance
My lot
The cross I wear
Nor health
Nor sickness please me
And who is there to care

Caged in perpetuity
Circumscribed by wire
Fettered by well meaning
Yet situation dire

Leave me here to rot
While no one waits my ending
No one guards my cradle
Situation pending


11 thoughts on “The Vagrant

  1. Really like this Roland- reminded me of “The Gentlemen of the Road” that used to come knocking at our door when I was a little girl”.

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  2. Your drawing of the Vagrant is excellent. A whole poem in picture.
    As usual your poem is elegant and deep. You make us feel the despair and misery
    the vagrant feels. Nothing matters much anymore.
    No-one should be that down and out.


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  3. Excellent image and words. A local vagrant recently died on the streets from an overdose, terribly sad, but there’s something in this about helping these people personally with “goods” rather than money. Lots of locals gave him money but our own way was to gift snack bars, drinks, toothpaste, plasters …. all in a made up bag. He is missed!

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