Reverie #2: Magic

red candle

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Magic is the catalyst for change 
It stirs the open mind
Bringing meaning to Mystery
Blessings to Belief

And when the cauldron of mist is stirred
Then both the Gloom 
And the Glitter are captured
Then allowed to flourish

To become hope for the future
Of the world’s Sorcery
The creation of a new reality
The super and the supra-natural essence
Of what has been
The foundation of what will yet be
Channeling the birthright of an abiding
And more fulfilling Necromancy.









8 thoughts on “Reverie #2: Magic

  1. As much a treatise as it is a poem. It has depth and the draw that befits such esoteric words. You are always the poet to delight and surprise a reader, Thank you, my friend.

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