Time Has Been Called

selective focus photography of red rose

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Oh, yes I’ve seen
Those fields of green, 
And I have kissed down Lovers’ Lane. 
And to my cost
I’ve loved and lost;
On oceans tossed I’ve  bled in pain. 

My heart’s been wrenched, 
My spirit quenched, 
As I have striven a soul to win. 
But to what end
Did I offend, 
What cause had I to sin? 

And now at last
All chance has passed;
No future can I see. 
For time is up, 
Life’s bitter cup
Has passed from you to me.



11 thoughts on “Time Has Been Called

  1. This is such a moving piece Roland, yet there’s something beyond the word choice that makes me feel at peace, resigned and accepting of the human condition. I think it’s the rhythm and therefore by default the rhyme scheme. Whatever, a superb poem which I’m still enjoying after the 4th read-through.

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  2. Roland, I don’t know how a poem can be so deeply sad mixed with positivity and yet
    feel so soothing. Is it the calm and harmonious rhythm. I hope you are o.k. and
    this wonderful poem is a reflection on life.


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