No Regrets


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Let me kick my regrets into the long grass,
Let me mark an end to my sorrow.
The pain that I bore
Let it fade away,
Bring back my life from tomorrow.

The love that we shared it still will remain,
The times we were close will not wither.
The hopes that we had,
The love that we shared,
The pains that we bore together.

Our dreams may have faded without being fulfilled,
Along with the hopes that we cherished,
But what has remained
Has carried us through,
It’s our dreams not our love that have perished.


6 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. Well, Roland, I remember once calling you the Romantic Poet of the North and this beautiful
    poem proves this again.
    Love has not and will not perish and neither will the richness of all the fulfilled dreams.


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