Songs My Mother Sang

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Songs My Mother Sang

The songs were of chill and anguish,
Sad songs with wistful themes,
Telling of loss and longing,
Songs of uncertain dreams.

Wistful, anxious, plaintive,
Sung in the dark days of war,
As though no end to suffering
Would reach us evermore.

She sang of the wandering gypsies,
The old lady sweet and kind,
Of old Barbara Frietchie’s flag,
And the boys who were left behind.

But though her words were sombre
I knew as she held me tight,
Her clutch was so warm and tender
The darkness would turn to light.






7 thoughts on “Songs My Mother Sang

  1. Beautiful poem Roland, I love its gentle rhythm.
    What really walked straight into my heart was your last stanza which shows how strong and comforting her love was.
    My mother also sang songs every day and at nightfall for each one of her children.

    Wonderful memories to carry.


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