Miss Tyke

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Miss Tyke

I enjoy the thrill of the chase
But I try to avoid all disgrace
So I never take chances
When I make advances
Instead I slow down just in case.

I once went out with a Tyke
Took her on a very long hike
She said, “Givus a kiss”,
But she got more than this,
And she moaned, “Now, yes, THAT I do like!”

I took this lass out on the moors
She said, “I want to be yours”,
I won’t mumble or grumble,
Just give me a fumble,
They say it’s the best of all cures. “

Then she gave me a come-hither flounce
“I bet I still can” I announced.
She said “Give it a try,
I won’t scream or cry,
But I may give a squeal as you pounce.”

So I gave her just what she asked.
We frolicked and played till at last,
She couldn’t believe
How I twisted and heaved
Till her flabber was never so gast.

Well, I married this sweet Tykish lass;
A large family we did amass.
I will never regret
That first time we met,
But I now miss the excitement alas.



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