Blue Tooth Rules


Blue Tooth,
that ancient Nordic King,
Now answers to my needs
Looms large where’re I travel
I go where he now leads

Without his presence
Where would I be
His mystic rune
Connects with me
It dogs my tread
Connects my world
His ancient dread
Now sanitised
Brings you to me instead

And now in this connected world
I hear Old Harald praying
Let me be heard
I’ve much to do
My word goes without saying



6 thoughts on “Blue Tooth Rules

  1. I love the way you use ” Blåtand” = Bluetooth for connectedness. One from
    a Norse King and the other from modern connectiveness. Walking among the
    Runes in Sweden, which I do every year, I must say they speak volumes.
    In stillness.
    What about Brage being your writing god? Just thought it might fit you.

    All the best

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