Amen Corner

Amen Corner2

A house in which to end my days.
Goodbye it says to all,
For here at last I am content
Behind my garden wall.

The name I gave it says it all,
How still, at peace, and blessed,
How glad am I to know such joy,
To be by love possessed.

That final farewell anthem,
When it is heard at last,
Will sound around these humble walls
Where present meets the past.

For I have lived a life I loved,
Loved the path I’ve trod.
Amen was written on my heart
In this my House of God.

A Devon Cottage, England


6 thoughts on “Amen Corner

  1. Oh what a joy it must be to know you are at home and peace with the world. My wife and I will have one more move back to our roots as soon as she retires in three years. Until then, I don’t think I will know true peace of mind. I am happy for you my friend. Now that I’m done feeling sorry for myself… a wonderful poem my friend and as you can tell, filled me with deep emotions.

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  2. Roland, this poem is so deeply beautiful and peaceful. I don’t feel sadness, just a
    a sigh of content. This cottage will wrap itself around yu and let you feel calmness and beauty.
    The name is so wonderful. I have just moved two weeks ago with the upheaval involved but I sit here this morning feeling at peace and would you know, I am feeling my way for the perfect name for this sheltering little cottage.


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