Reverie#8: A Song Before Leaving

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Oh my love
paint me into the shadows of your dreams
I want to be there among the drifting moonbeams of your waning passion
and as their dim light fades in the morning dew
to watch as our hopes sink slowly
through pools of deepest blue.

Let their adagio
their mellow harmonies
accompany the murmurings of my fading breath
and as its remnants settle on the bed of those fathomless depths
let them guide my blissful path to Heaven



4 thoughts on “Reverie#8: A Song Before Leaving

  1. Ahh … Roland, this poem is so beautiful. Its language sings softly and strongly,
    Its meassage one of enduring love. Each line is so beautiful that I won’t even try
    to pick my favourite.
    Oh, to have loved like this and being able to express the love in such gentle song.


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