Death Wish at Sea

big waves under cloudy sky


The storm was predicted,
Jet black was the sky,
But I  needed to cross,
I remember not why.

The ship sailed for Dublin,
I knew I must try
To bolster my nerves
My fear to defy.

A storm was predicted,
Air pressure awry.
Not for the first time
I feared I would die.

But that storm was a beast
And I let out a cry,
‘Please Lord do listen,
Oh please let me die!’

But we made it across
That dread Irish Sea,
But I’ve never yet mastered
My fears. Let them be!



3 thoughts on “Death Wish at Sea

  1. I like this, I usually do if they rhyme and have a rhythm to them I recognise or engage with. Worst flight I ever had was flying into an electrical storm just after takeoff from Bangkok, I just wanted it all to end!

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