Keep Away From Me


If I am going to quarantine
Myself, I’d like to know.
Tell me please, in confidence,
Where all of YOU will go.

‘Cos as I’m trying to be safe
I do not want to see
The likes of you and Josephine
Paying a call on me.

That would defeat my purpose
In shutting myself away;
Non-contact is the intention,
To keep the germs at bay.

You may say this is overkill,
But as I’m eighty-five,
I really wish a few more years
To keep myself alive.



10 thoughts on “Keep Away From Me

  1. Deliveries will be put outside the door, the deliverer will run
    Friends talk over the fence, 2 – 3 metres away.
    Me, You are safe, I don’t know where you live
    or I would throw some happy coloured balls.

    Keep safe, Roland.


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