In Memoriam


‘The Crypt . . . Pen  –  WHB 2020

In Memoriam

In the crypt
Which is my mind
Lie the tombs
Of those I’ve known
Entrenched within
Each treasured niche
Embalmed in memory
And swathed in love alone

Wife and parents
Beloved friends
Lost loves and lovers
All met their ends
Before I had
a chance to say
I’ll love you till
My dying day

There they now lie
In peace while I
Guard their memories
With a sigh
And rarely lift
Their coffin lid
Remind myself
Of what they did
Of what they once
Had meant to me

For only the blind
Can truly see 



8 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. This beautiful poem is also a praise to those you loved and who loved you. By keeping all this richness alive you will also find courage to lift your eyes and follow their steps. To give
    light and love.
    You know as well as me that dark and light goes alongside each other.


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