What is Happening?

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What is Happening?

The ordinariness of life
As day succeeds on day,
Now grips more than it ever did
And fear is just a sneeze away.

What is it that tomorrow brings,
How trenchant is life’s grip,
Will time refuse to stumble on,
Is now just a minor blip?

Or is this really Armageddon,
Is it what was foretold,
Has fate at last revealed itself,
The future to unfold?



2 thoughts on “What is Happening?

  1. Profound and beautifully written, Roland. ‘ And fear is just a sneeze away’. How true. Fear for the unknown ….
    ‘ Is this really Armageddon’ …
    One thing is sure, the invader is clever, adaptable and powerful. We fumble in the dark.
    May we find peace within ourselves and hope for a future where man has changed.

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