Epidemiologically Speaking


Photo by CDC on Pexels.com

Epidemiologically Speaking


A word I do not use;
Yet now I hear it every day,
My hearing to abuse.

It’s about the study of risk factors

And microorganisms;
It’s not for me to understand
In this world of surrealisms.

Eight syllables do not with ease

Trip off my twisted tongue.
A word I’m very shy of, so,
For me it remains unsung.


Boris, he can say it,
And Mr Hancock too,
But if you really do not mind
I’ll leave it all to you.



4 thoughts on “Epidemiologically Speaking

  1. Ahh .., Roland, in spite of the underlying serious subject you have me laughing.
    I am not bothering to learn this tongue twister either. They are not needed.
    I’ll leave it all to the tonguetwisting gang.
    Stay well though , one day we will overcome.

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