Muck, that is a dirty word,
It sounds as if it smells;
A word to wash one’s hands of,
Its very sound repels.

Loony leaves a nasty taste,
Slides smoothly off the tongue,
But it is not nice, take my advice,
A word to leave unsung.

Slime is such another,
And slimy is the same,
Words to keep away from,
Ones I won’t exclaim.

Take words like boos and booze,
To me they are repugnant.
They may describe one’s feelings,
But they smack of poor judgement.

They’re onomatopoeic,
Not exactly slang’
But they lack that sense of candour,
Like boom and thump and bang.

So many words are wholesome,
Sweet sounding and pure.
But some words are not tasty,
Rude, uncouth and immature.



5 thoughts on “Onomatopoeia

  1. Totally agree with you about the value of words, they carry great importance.
    Funnily I find the word Blog clumsy and heavy. It is supposedly covering arts in various format.
    keep well

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  2. Bravo, very clever, you do humour so well. Strangely Tyke, I’ve just been re-writing some of my ‘funnies’. ‘Acid rain’ ‘the boy who ate the giant pie’ etc.

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