She Lives



With wizened face and withered arms he looks his ninety years;

His hairless head,  those sunken eyes, not given to easy tears.
Though yet a smile lights up his face whenever he looks at her,
For she it is who lights his life, brings calm to soothe his fears.

But she is now a photograph, an image in her youth,
Mounted in silver, encased in glass, resplendent in its frame.
A memory of memories, written on his heart,
Reminder of a life well spent, of the lovers they became.

Long years, a life, have passed him by, the past now left behind.
What does the future hold for him that hasn’t once been tried?
Save memories, now fading, but alive within his heart,
Bringing rich fodder to his dreams, a full life justified.



7 thoughts on “She Lives

  1. She lives, is your title, and she does forever in your heart. Fills you with the joy of a life
    well lived. What a joy and blessing.
    Life has a meaning and you will know it. We are here for a reason. Thanks for a beautiful poem.

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