Cabin Fever


Cabin Fever


At my kitchen chopping board,
While I’m getting dinner ready,
I’m engulfed by cabin fever
As my feelings swirl and eddy.

I set out to cook a meal,
But I’m overcome by whimsy.
I lose all sense of time,
Must have been that double whisky.

I take the smile from a banana,
Avocadian eyes and nose;
The eyeballs are two berries,
Bet you’d never think of those.

Baby carrots for the eyebrows,
Fat spring onions for the locks:
Now I’ve made a veggie’s portrait,
Opportunity, it knocks.

As boredom in my kitchen
Strikes a pensive lock-down note,
So I struggle to amuse,
Try to keep my mind afloat.

A childish occupation?
Well, it helps to pass the time.
As I struggle to stay sane,
I can always find a rhyme.



6 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. I love your picture, Roland and can sympathise with your feelings. Might try and create a funny picture after your inspiration.
    Don’t know about the rhyme, worth a try. We had to do them in school, don’t think I really tried since.
    Keep well and let the humour rule.


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