Poor Bill Posters
They did lead him a dance;
They were always out to get him,
He never stood a chance.

I wonder if they caught him,
Caught him in the act.
Or maybe he escaped
After he’d their shop ransacked.

What had he done to vex them,
Had he been so bad?
Why had they sworn to catch him,
That mad and crazy lad?

A dyed-in-the-wool shoplifter,
A lousy screwed-up thief,
An habitual offender,
Who’d brought them endless grief?

But I hope they’ll never catch him,
It’s his name that let him down;
That eventually undid him,
And drove him out of town.

Bill Posters

Photos:  WHB  . . .   Surrey, England – 2020

7 thoughts on “POOR  BILL

  1. Brilliant – I’ve always laughed at these signs so loved your great poem!

    Just starting on 2 months of emails, so sorry not to reply more to your wondeful works of art and poetry, but I love getting them!


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  2. Ahh …, Roland, now I got it. It must be this dyed-in-the wool shoplifter who snatched my
    replies. Poor lad. Just in case he doesn’t get this, I really enjoy your defence for the poor guy.

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