On consideration of the Nature Of TIME

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APHORISMS:  On consideration of the Nature Of TIME

When Yesterday’s dream
BecomesToday’s reality
All mystery is lost.

When life’s great passion
Turns to dust
Is life still worth the living?

When tomorrow’s goal
Is reached today
How empty becomes the future.

When life and love
are intertwined
Where does pleasure end?

When age has killed
youth’s certitude
What price is placed on doubt?

When yesterday’s promise
Turns into today’s disappointment
It becomes tomorrow’s regrets.

2 thoughts on “On consideration of the Nature Of TIME

  1. A profound set. I don’t know if you are into cricket, but these remind me of Simon Barnes’s piece in The Times when Brian Lara set all those records in his first year, and the writer questioned what would be left for him.

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