Cometh The Lockdown

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Stop the world I want to get off;
Let’s have a global fire break.
Give me time to recuperate,
To stop this corvid headache.

We’re hoping for some respite now,
A pause in life’s short passage;;
A little rest may well be best,
A chance to send a message,

Let’s tell the world we’ve not gone mad,
Defy cynics and mockers;
Impress upon the populace
We’ve not gone off our rockers.

For every person, young or old,
Still living on this planet,
Has cause to love a life that’s free,
To live a life – not ban it.

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2 thoughts on “Cometh The Lockdown

  1. Dear Roland,

    My great aunt used to mumble: “Stop the world, I want to get off.” Your post brought back many fond memories and I wonder whether she made up the sentence herself or whether she was quoting someone. If she was, do you know where she could have come across it?

    Best wishes,


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