The Steps I Tread

Photo: WHB – Thames Towpath: Dec.2020

Trudging the towpath
I come across an
intriguing puzzle path
these hieroglyphs of passage
arrest my motion
defying disturbance
and imposing their mystery
to impede my progress

Now I fear to tread
to de-sanctify their presence
and destroy their meaning
with my care-less trudge

These disguised but so readable signs
I am unable to fathom
greater skills than I have
are required to tell the story
of who, of what
has gone before
and of how I have come
to where I am

However fraught
I remain
in an indecipherable
struggling to construe
just what Now means

Mystery abounds
these cuneiform cartouches
defeat my urge for understanding
and I pass on
adding my own meaning
only by the steps I tread

6 thoughts on “The Steps I Tread

  1. Yes, intriguing. Wish I’d taken more photographs at the scene, but the Thames towpath where I took the photo is now a mass of puddles and mud. Thanks for commenting, Derrick.


  2. Great photo and poem. I like how you fear “ to de-sanctify” the precious patterns in the sand.
    I am wondering about the round circles though.
    What patterns did you add in the sand?


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