On Being Cantankerous

Testy now, and truculent,
Jumping to conclusions,
I tend to speak before I’ve thought,
A source of some confusions.

When I was young and in my prime
I would have paused and pondered
Before I’d let my mouth run free;
My mind would not have wandered.

Now, grumpy and cantankerous,
I’ve no wish to be told,
Despite the fact the signs are there,
That I am growing old.

For age and life have brought to me
Such exasperation
That now I speak my forthright mind,
Inviting much vexation.

Now I’m content to be quite brusque,
To stir up some dissent.
My time of life has brought disdain,
I’ll say just what I meant.

With one foot in the waiting grave
Why pussyfoot around?
Just tell it as it is, my friend,
No comebacks underground.

2 thoughts on “On Being Cantankerous

  1. 😊 Aw, Roland, a fun and good poem but ………
    I don’t often try to respond as my answers seem to disappear.
    Now I know why. 😉.
    Quote : “That now I speak my forthright mind,
    Inviting much vexation.”

    I am sure you have many laughs left.


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