A Dream Worth Dreaming

WHB – Pen & Wash

Last night
A dream worth dreaming
Summer sun
On winter’s dying days
The light of dawn
Dispelling night’s gloom
Refreshing my deadened soul
With hopes of walking once again
On glistening dewdrop grass
Climbing those childhood hills
To catch a view of ecstasy
The golden distance shimmering
Across emerald fields below
The distant haze
melting into the silent sea
The scene
clutching at my every breath
To turn my affliction
Into a distant dream
The present wholly untrue
A fabrication of my waking mind
No longer spelling distaste
Only hope for a new life
Still to come
Fortified by the will
And the strength to reach it


2 thoughts on “A Dream Worth Dreaming

  1. What an utterly joyous thing to read this morning……I love your poems, they make me smile, ponder and sometimes giggle.But this one in particular took me away this grey morning.Thank you XxX

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