On Spring’s Approach

Bring me the head of a daffodil in bloom
Or a buttercup’s yellow gold.
For Spring begins once more
And I am old.
My tears are wept,
I need redress for promises kept.

Show me the butterfly
As it darts and flutters by,
While beneath its breath it sings,
And with burgeoning wings,
Greets the new day’s warmth.

Celebrate the zigzagging bees
Attending each welcoming flower;
Keeping time with the breeze
And gathering nectar
To store in their bower.

For vibrant Spring is on its way,
Rebuilding now its vernal bouquet
Of warmth and renewal,
Pursuing its promise with every day.

4 thoughts on “On Spring’s Approach

  1. With masterly words you have welcomed Spring and brought smiles back.
    I love the touches of colours from daffodils and buttercups, the beauty of a butterfly,
    the buzzing of bees.
    Yes, spring is waking us all.

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