Saying Goodbye

How Do You Say ‘GOODBYE’?

Cheerio, I have to go

Toodle-oo,Soon see you

By ‘bye-bye’, I mean ‘Goodbye’

Farewell, and fare thee well

So long, our time has gone

Ta-ta, See ya

See  you later, alligator

Time to scoot, little newt

Au revoir, See ya

Do svidanya, adios

Tootle-oo, kangaroo

Tzay jian, auf wiedersehen

Bye for now, brown cow

Au revoir, aloha

sayonara. …till Tamara

Ciao,ciao, must leave you now

Time to scoot, little newt

I gotta jet, you bet.

Take care, be aware

Until tomorrow, no sorrow

Oui, merci, arrivederci.

All’s right, Good night

Arrivederci   . . . Italian ‘until we see each other again’. …

Aloha. a Hawaiian word that is used for both welcome and farewell. …

Bon voyage. … French

Tzay Jian  . . .  Chinese (Mandarin)

Do svidanya . . .  Russian

Adios . . . Spanish

Au revoir  . . .  French

Sayonara  . . .  Japanese

Ciao . . .  Italian interjection

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