Life’s Paraphernalia

So much paraphernalia,
So much unused stuff,
So many things I harbour,
Much more than enough.

Clobber, gubbins, rubbish,
Pieces, bobs and bits,
Odds and sods and samples,
Sacks and stacks and kits.

The trappings of a lifetime,
Those rituals of living;
Those gifts I’ve found no use for,
Detritus of our giving.

Equipment stored unneeded,
Tackle, kitsch and things,
Scraps, tools, props, utensils,
The gear existence brings.

Goods, impedimenta,
Odds and ends and dunnage,
All such appurtenances,
Equipage and luggage.

I hope when I’ve departed
They’ll build a huge bonfire,
Add to the accoutrements,
That I’ll no more require.

And when the fires of afterlife
Are fully stoked with such,
In Heaven or Hell, where’re I dwell,
I shall not worry – much!

4 thoughts on “Life’s Paraphernalia

  1. Ah, Roland, I love this poem. It paints moving homes so vividly. And of course
    what we leave a lot for our children to sort ….. or burn. You mix humour and truth so well


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