Beware Of The Bull

Photo … ‘Bull-Beware’ – WHB: Devon, 2020

Where the circus pit
 of my stomach churns
heart beat first flutters
then pounds

and mutters
fear comes
to liquid lungs
and fright to flight is urged
red rags banned
fear felt …
… and yet …

Only a sign
a gentle warning
no sort of shrine
suspect moonshine
likely benign
surely no danger lurks
in buttercup fields
my guesswork
tells me more
this is a ploy
no real McCoy
a sharpish shout
to keep me out
no bull
no threat

and yet

in the end
we yield
to threats and signs
to worrying warnings

I am not bold
strict guidelines hold

3 thoughts on “Beware Of The Bull

  1. A bull in the meadow, I would cede. Guidelines are wise to follow, well, I think so.
    Your description of your organs reactions are brilliant, I think I know how you felt. 🙂

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