Canonteign Falls, Dartmoor, Devon . . .  Pen & Wash by WHB


Humble in its origin
on the heather moor
rolling gently down towards
the valley’s deep green floor

Suddenly the land gives way 
beneath its watery tread
and  leads it down the rocky face
towards the river bed

Down the limestone outcrop
over mossy stones
beside the yellowing bracken
it bubbles sighs and moans

Until at last its downward race
is given a pause for rest
before it has to carry  on
with renewed force and zest.

2 thoughts on “The WATERFALL

  1. How absolutely beautiful you paint these stream growing and finally flow into the river.
    As it traverses, skips with joy, your words do the same. You paint the moors with strength and love. Both in words and picture. I love them both. I smile with a tear in my eye.


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