Give Over!

Why’s a blown kiss
your opening gambit?
It’s not sincere,
I cannot stand it.

Stop it, end it,
don’t go on.
I’ve had enough,
you’ve got me wrong.

Oh, do desist,
I cannot bear it.
You make me ill,
please do spare it.

You know full well
I’m not your slave.
Don’t treat me like that,
I am not brave.

You take advantage,
see my weakness,
test my friendship
by being facetious.

So, I implore you,
do not tease me.
Please grow up
if you wish to please me.

NOTE: Give Over
An English phrase. Means “stop it” or “Leave me alone”
If someone is complaining, making an unnecessary fuss, or bothering you – you would say “Give over”, used in a playful sense – i.e. with friends, kids or pets.
by brit1979 January 19, 2009

On Waking Up

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Waking, this morning I said,
I don’t think I’ll get out of bed.
There was no concealing
I had hurt her feelings,
I’d spend the day sleeping instead.

Waking in fear and dread,
I regretted those words I had said
I’d not meant to hurt,
Just meant to assert,
I cried crocodile tears when I bled.

Waking and wond’ring what’s next,
I decided to send her a text,
To tell her I’d lied,
Our love had not died –
Just sulking because I was vexed.


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On Being Cantankerous


Testy now, and truculent,
Jumping to conclusions,
I tend to speak before I’ve thought,
A source of some confusions.

When I was young and in my prime
I would have paused and pondered
Before I’d let my mouth run free;
My mind would not have wandered.

Now, grumpy and cantankerous,
I’ve no wish to be told,
Despite the fact the signs are there,
That I am growing old.

For age and life have brought to me
Such exasperation
That now I speak my forthright mind,
Inviting much vexation.

Now I’m content to be quite brusque,
To stir up some dissent.
My time of life has brought disdain,
I’ll say just what I meant.

With one foot in the waiting grave
Why pussyfoot around?
Just tell it as it is, my friend,
No comebacks underground.



A Case of Schadenfreude


You fail?… I gloat;
Listen to my anecdotes:

Not had a good trip?
… Oh, please get a grip.

Cat got your tongue?
… You are highly strung.

You fell in the drink?
… Well, I’m tickled pink.

 Stung by a bee?
… cause for my glee.

 You, a busted flush?
… Then you should get the push.

Dismissed to the ranks?
… I’m feeling no angst.

 So, you missed the boat?
… then I will gloat.

 They pulled out the plug?
… that makes me feel smug.

So, you’re in litigation?
… I feel the elation.

 And you’ve mud on your face?
… You are a disgrace.

What – You are annoyed?
Me? – Pure Schadenfreude!