Six Pen and Wash Sketches

I reproduce below six of my earlier pen and wash sketches – all my own interpretations of visited scenes from the British Isles

Caldey Island, Wales . . . WHB
An English Dawn . . . WHB
Exmouth, Devon . . . WHB
Glenfinnan, Scotland . . . WHB
Ludlow, Shropshire . . . WHB
Rydal Water, The Lake District . . . WHB

The Isle Of Man

Continuing my tour of the British Isles, I include below some of my sketches and photographs of The Isle of Man …

Peele Harbour

Quayside at Peele on the Isle of Man West Coast

Above and below are five of my sketches resulting from my visit to the Isle of Man in 1999.  Titles will appear as you hover your mouse pointer over the picture.  Larger versions of these can be seen by clicking on any one of them  . . .

… and here are nine of my photographs to give a better view of some of the island’s special places . . .

1 Point Of Ayr

Heathers near Point of Ayr, the island’s most northerly point

2 Ramsey Harbour

Ramsey Harbour – north-east of the island

3 Manx Cat @ Ballalheanagh Gdns

Manx (tail-less) cat at Ballalheanagh Gardens

4 Laxey Wheel

Laxey Water Wheel

5 Peele

Statue of Mariners at Peele Harbour

6 Maughold Head

Maughold Head on the east coast

7 Niarbyl

Niarbyl on the West Coast

8 Cregneash

Cregneash Village – Living Museum – much of the film ‘Waking Ned’ was filmed here in 1998.

9 CalfOfMan

Memorial to the loss of the brig ‘Lily’ in 1852 … at the Calf of Man – southernmost point of the island