The Darling Buds

Darling Buds1

Photo:  ‘In a Surrey Garden’ – WHB – 2012

The Darling Buds

Here in my quietly cherished garden,
Where  golden flowers grow,
I love to linger long and taste
The flowers that I know.

But now around me where I see
The darling buds of roses,
They bring a powerful sense to me
Of life that decomposes.

Time has brought me to a point
Where life and love are frozen;
Where little I do has meaning, and
My future has been chosen.

For now I’m in a time cocoon
Where life has been suspended..
Where I can look but cannot see,
And reality has ended.




Weeping Willow2c

Willow Weeping Over the River Lowman, Devon – Photo – WHB – March 2017


The spring
holds its breath
as winter recedes
Trusting the sun
to bestow its warmth
yet again
on the waiting world
And now
the first burst
of new life
greening buds
on the bough
As the willow
begins to weep
shedding its
joyful tears
into the
awaiting water
and with bliss
its delight
and welcoming
life’s rebirth
Weeping Willow0b

Weeping Willow – River Lowman, Tiverton, Devon – WHB – March 2017