A Polite Notice

Polite Notice1

Photo:  WHB … ‘No Parking’ – Devon 2019   ©

I beg your attention,
Please read and take note.
I kindly request,
And this you can quote:

That before you park here,
Leave your car and depart,
I ask that you notice,
Think of me, have a heart.

Allow me my right
To come and to go.
Do not box me in,
Do not cause me woe.

For if you ignore me
And fasten me in,
I may well take a hammer
And commit a great sin.


Two Word Tales – #6. Car Crash

grayscale photo of wrecked car parked outside

Photo by Aleksandr Neplokhov on Pexels.com


Car Crash

New car
Big load
Too fast
Old road

At speed
Strike hole
Burst tyre
Own goal

Hit tree
Sore head
Bruised knee
Not dead

No claims
Stiff joints
Bad luck
Six points



My ‘Two Word’ Verses

Number six  in my series of short verses 



Manoeuvres In The Snow


Photograph … WHB – 2010

Preternatural Manoeuvres In The Snow


Now what is this manoeuvre someone tried out in my drive?

Trying out a galliard, or perhaps more apt a jive?

They say to travel hopefully is better than to arrive;

They’ll be lucky though at this rate to emerge from it alive!