The North Yorkshire Moors


I am being self-indulgent and presenting eight of my pen & ink sketches, all created in my nyorksmoorsmapamateurish way, many years ago.  They are all of the area which established my roots and engendered my love of the countryside, of local history and legend, of place, and, more specifically, of the scenery of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.  I no longer live in the area, but re-visit as often as I can make possible.

Below is a gallery of six of these sketches. I regret that these are not in the best of condition, having faded or stained somewhat over the years.  Clicking on any one of them will start a slide-show of all six.  The first one is a composite drawing, whilst the other five are enlarged copies of parts of this first drawing.

The North Yorkshire Moors National Park is one of the most beautiful, but one of the least visited, of the U.K’s 15 National Parks.   It encompasses a long stretch of Yorkshire’s beautiful north-east coast and the extensive hinterland of moors, dales and forests stretching from Teesside and the Cleveland Hills southwards to the vale of York.   The whole area offers splendid walks.  Two of particular note are The Lyke Wake Walk which  crosses the moors for 40 miles, and the Cleveland Way, which hugs the coastline for a large part its 110 mile length.  I cannot do the area justice in a short article, but I can recommend visiting the North Yorkshire Moors National Park  website which has plenty of detail and recommendations of what to see and do.