'Packhorse Bridge - Stokesley,Yorkshire - Bas Relief wood carving

Aiding Access
Tying Terrains
Serving States
Linking Lovers 

Binding Borders
Attaching Allies  

Heralding Heroes
Binding Believers
Enabling Escapees
Nurturing Nations
Trading Trackways
Creating Comrades
Mending Marriages
Merging Merchants
Following Frontiers
Uniting Unbelievers
Creating Conquerors
Delivering Destinies
Allowing Assemblies 

Nourishing Networks
Connecting Countries
Exacerbating Enemies
Empowering Explorers
Engineering Encounters 

Inculcating Interrelations 
Combining Confederations
Constructing Concordances
Regenerating Relationships
Perpetuating Possessiveness

Perpetuating Possessiveness



The two pictures are of ‘the ancient Packhorse Bridge, in Stokesley, N’Yorkshire, England – the first a bas relief wood carving, the second a recent photograph.

Blue Tooth Rules


Blue Tooth,
that ancient Nordic King,
Now answers to my needs
Looms large where’re I travel
I go where he now leads

Without his presence
Where would I be
His mystic rune
Connects with me
It dogs my tread
Connects my world
His ancient dread
Now sanitised
Brings you to me instead

And now in this connected world
I hear Old Harald praying
Let me be heard
I’ve much to do
My word goes without saying