Lament to Portholme

Kieran O’Lenahan

Until he died in 1996, Kieran, who was born in Ireland, lived and worked in Huntingdon.  He cared passionately for the environment and made sure his voice was heard on local issues.  One such issue resulted in the following poem submitted  in 1974 to his local Council by Kieran in his representation against proposed local development  . . .portholmeissue


 Lament to Portholme

Sweet meadow
where one could walk
entranced in solitude, alone.
Lost in an immensity of open spaces;
disturbed only by the Skylark’s song.
Skylarks soaring, singing,
as the day was long.
Walking amidst wild flowers
and the flowers were many,
knee deep in a blossoming throng,meadow
Sweet birds, sweet flowers,sweet solitude,
all, all, are gone.
No profit in solitude
of a Skylark’s song.
Where man’s soul soars
among the Skylarks
knee deep in blossoming flowers
bulldoze it,
rape beauty!skylark
Progress, profit
greed alone,
but not alone in beauty
man destroys
when greed reigns supreme,
there is no beauty
no love
no feeling
no peace all sacrificed
all must cease,
when Mammon reigns
and man’s soul sleeps,
there is no other end
no futurebulldozer
There is money in it!
flowers lost
entrancing meadows
for ignoble ends.pleasley

 *     *     *


Submitted by … Richard Lee.
I am indebted to him and to Kieran’s family
for permission to reproduce this poem.