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The longest light, the shortest night,
Have passed and now are gone,
And twenty-twenty stumbles on,
A dark phenomenon.

A memory to mark a life,
While I in fear live through it;
Live in purdah, taste the bile,
Trying not to lose it.

But hope and love they bear me on,
Counter my dejection;
Dark skies above will turn to blue
And counter this infection.



What Did You Do In The War, Grandad?


 A recruitment poster from 1915. It was released to encourage enlistment in World War 1. (Wikipedia)

What did you do in the war, grandad?


What did you do in the war, grandad,
The war against Covid Nineteen?
What did you do to help, grandad,
Before they found the vaccine?

What did you do in the war, grandad,
Yes, That war of Twenty-Twenty?
The war in which so many died, grandad,
Bet you helped aplenty?

What did you do in the war, grandad,
That war against the virus?
Were you one of the brave, grandad,
Who fought so hard to save us?

Well, I stayed at home and watched, darling,
I just shut myself away,
Yes, I stayed indoors and cried, dear,
Too frightened to go out and play.



Thoughts on COVID-19

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To catch coronavirus
I’m in no way desirous,
So please keep your distance
I’m all for resistance.

I ask you to stay
Two metres away;
Don’t invade my space,
I ask, just in case.

Just do as they say,
There is no other way;
Please don’t hesitate,
We must self-isolate.

I know it’s a bind,
And I think you will find,
It may be for weeks
Till this virus peaks.

And I’ll tell you moreover,
When all this is over,
The world will have changed,
Our whole lives rearranged.