Tweaks Of The WEEK … Well … Why Not?

(On alternative naming schemes)

1. Thisday, Thatday, Yesday, Noday, Someday, Wasday, Willday,


2. Wanday, Tooday, Threeday, Forday, Fiveday, Sixday, Svenday.


3. … And in the Beginning …

In the Year DOT
Then were there fifty-two weeks created
Each one divided into seven days

And the first day of the week, Plod decreed,
Let it be called Oneday,

Let that day be followed,
In the nature of sequences, by Twosday.

Then let’s have Weddingsday,
Especially gifted for the newly-betrothed, the hopeful among us,

Followed, halfway thru the week, with some relief,
We shall have Throosday.

Then, that traditional day of the Fish-in-fat-friers
I will create, and will call Fryday,

Straightway, next, lest they fret and cause a disturbance,
I must keep Satyrs-day for my naughty little friends to frolic.

After which, I insist, demand in fact,
To keep intact,
one final day of my Seven-days,
My Tweak of the Week
a day for rest, best of the rest,
A day for ME
when the sun will always shine,
To be known as Sun-day.
The only really Fun-day

And so, I pray
Without delay
While the sun shines make hay
Go out and play
Be gay
Have your say
Keep the blues at bay
Throw cautions away
Head off decay
No lockdown this day