Give Over!

Why’s a blown kiss
your opening gambit?
It’s not sincere,
I cannot stand it.

Stop it, end it,
don’t go on.
I’ve had enough,
you’ve got me wrong.

Oh, do desist,
I cannot bear it.
You make me ill,
please do spare it.

You know full well
I’m not your slave.
Don’t treat me like that,
I am not brave.

You take advantage,
see my weakness,
test my friendship
by being facetious.

So, I implore you,
do not tease me.
Please grow up
if you wish to please me.

NOTE: Give Over
An English phrase. Means “stop it” or “Leave me alone”
If someone is complaining, making an unnecessary fuss, or bothering you – you would say “Give over”, used in a playful sense – i.e. with friends, kids or pets.
by brit1979 January 19, 2009

Reverie #4 … Still Waters




No. Not Muddy Waters,
Nor even Crystal Waters.
It was Still Waters.
Yes, that’s what we called him.

He called himself Walter.
Walter Waters from Watford
And places South of the Gap.
My one-time boss
Head man
Big chief of the Trendy Tribe
Leader of the Pliant Pack.

I could never fathom him.
Not him
Nor his fawning hangers-on.
Still waters run deep they say.
I’d say that still waters are stagnant,
Not much running there
Algae-filled, dark green and smelly
– Rancid in fact,
And deliriously avoidable.

Yes, that’s him without doubt.
Going nowhere – fast or any other speed.
Him to a ‘t’ ;
a Capital ‘T’.
I’d say that fits his bill.

Yet he thinks he’s life and soul of the party.
God’s Gift to the Agency.

Some party!
Some life?!
Worth a dream,
But never a second meeting.