Give Over!

Why’s a blown kiss
your opening gambit?
It’s not sincere,
I cannot stand it.

Stop it, end it,
don’t go on.
I’ve had enough,
you’ve got me wrong.

Oh, do desist,
I cannot bear it.
You make me ill,
please do spare it.

You know full well
I’m not your slave.
Don’t treat me like that,
I am not brave.

You take advantage,
see my weakness,
test my friendship
by being facetious.

So, I implore you,
do not tease me.
Please grow up
if you wish to please me.

NOTE: Give Over
An English phrase. Means “stop it” or “Leave me alone”
If someone is complaining, making an unnecessary fuss, or bothering you – you would say “Give over”, used in a playful sense – i.e. with friends, kids or pets.
by brit1979 January 19, 2009