The WISE, The NOT-WISE, and The REST


The WISE, the NOT-WISE, and The REST

For a life spent in teaching and schools
Dealing with both genius and fools, 
Then without malediction
I can say with conviction,
I never had quite the right tools.

For it took me a long time to find
And the difference was hard to define:
The wise oft were demented, 
The dull – vague but contented, 
And both could be quite asinine.

Whilst the average student was fine, 
‘Twas these others who took up my time. 
The norms kept me sane, 
While the rest were a pain, 
But have given me cause for this rhyme. 



Trump – On Being Honest



I am the genie of your lamp
Beloved of the twitterati,
Saviour of the western world
And the Republican Party.

My daily newscast you may not cherish
But someday soon you will
For I’m a genius born to last
A deep down thinker – for good or ill

So please believe my apophthegms,
All that I have to you told,
But you will remember if you’re wise.
All that’s twittered is not gold.