‘The Hare’ . . . Watercolour – WHB : 1987

In his refuge

As the sun sets

The hare



Is its hour, 

Its time to brave

The beagle’s

Bark and

Bitter bite

To leave his form

And risk

Life again –



3 Limericks

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An irascible lady from Nice
Said to me ‘Will this noise ever cease?
I know you’re a dear,
But if a pin drop I hear
I’ll cut you to bits piece by piece.”

Said the doc, in his diagnosis,
“I’ve noticed in giving my prognosis,
Your ears have grown long,
You’ve got whiskers which pong,
I’m predicting myxomatosis.”

The misogynist said to his wife,
“Now let’s not have any strife;
Just do as I say,
Then we’ll both find a way
To live a harmonious life.”