Objet Trouvé

( Photograph taken on a farm in Devon – 2005 by WHB  © )

Objet trouvé

Victim of the guillotine?

Or could it be of nicotine?

Doll-ish head, a baby lass,

Laid to rest on a bed of grass

Verse by WHB (aka Roland Keld  © )

One of the series in which I re-publish some of my previous posts. This is one of those in which I presented some of my collection of  whimsical,  quirky,  humorous photographs, snapped up, Autolycus-style, on my travels over the past few years.bar-green

The Duck’s Ditty

yellow duck toy beside green duck toy

Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com


I loved a sweet lass by the lake;

I loved her for sweet heaven’s sake. 

But she loved not me back, 

And with a loud “Quack!”, 

She said “I am no duck … I’m a drake.”