Birth Of A Poem


Pen & Wash  … WHB 2019

Birth Of A Poem

This poem
and its ill-connected words
do not
yet exist

These lines
part-formed and immature
struggle for release
from their birth pangs
strain to express themselves
in meaning
to say what they want to say

Seeking existence
from the seed of an idea
knowing what is needed
but fighting for form and feature
longing to tell its tale and sing
to live
to feel
to be vibrant
cool and yet tense

Always promising more than it can give
allowing its feelings to weep
its thoughts to shudder and provoke
to breathe a bitter breath
to both calm and to excite

Above all
striving to be worthy
in love with what it hears
bringing meaning to an idea
and from its birth
to bring into the world
an infant ode
demanding to grow into
a thing of understanding and beauty




The sky above Walton-on-Tames, Surrey, UK,  on a cold but bright late afternoon – about 10 miles from Heathrow, London Airport – Both Photographs: WHB – Dec.2017   ©



The sky above my head was crowded
Criss-cross patterned in white on blue
Chequered skyline, busy world,
Now part of our life’s hullabaloo.

Lines so straight, all with a purpose,
Layered lattice above my head.
Each slowly fading into the sunset
As gradually into space they bled.

So many people in the air
Heading home or passing by;
Oblivious to this picture painted,
A modern life canvas in the sky.



Sky-lines on the Skyline