Night Light


‘Liverpool from Wapping’ … John Atkinson Grimshaw

Reflections on the Nocturnal Paintings of John Atkinson Grimshaw

In the gloom of my world,
In the dark of my dreams,
I capture with rapture
Those nights of moonbeams.
In the glow of the gaslights
I wander a while.
There is joy in their promise
And warmth in their smile.
Twinkling with stardust
Lights dance and dive;
Raindrops add lustre,
The streets are alive.
Light catches and clutches
And I feel the glow
Of these dark starlit nights
On the paths that I know.
Bringing warmth to my soul
As we meet face to face;
It’s the world that I live in
And I savour its grace.
Lady in Garden at Moonlight-1882

Lady in a garden at Moonlight’ … 1882 – John Atkinson Grimshaw

John Atkinson Grimshaw (6 September 1836 – 13 October 1893) was an English Victorian-era artist who has been called a “remarkable and imaginative painter” -best known for his nocturnal scenes of urban landscapes. He was born in Leeds, Yorkshire,  and lived most of his life in that county. Wikipedia

A Secret Sonnet


‘Moonlight Tryst’ – WHB: Pen an ink, Dec.2017


They stressed my heart and bled it
Seeking to find you there,
But try as they could to discover
They never will find out where
You hide in lonely seclusion,
Your impregnable lonely lair.

For you are my cerebral lover,
Living a life in my brain;
We hold our trysts in the moonlight,
Let them look for ever in vain,
They never ever will find you,
For there is nought to explain.

Just a salve to pain and depression,
A caprice with a discreet confession.



I have tried my hand at writing a Sonnet.  It is in Shakespearean format – 14 lines of iambic pentameter, made up of 3 quatrains, rhyming abab-cdcd-efef, followed by a couplet, rhyming  gg .




To seal my dream I wrote it in a book;

I wrote it as a verse in sonnet form.

Made sure I could retrieve your face, your look,

To hold it so it could my life transform.


I wandered far along a moonlit beach, 

Searching for a clue, I knew not what.

You were so far away and out of reach; 

A creature my dull mind almost forgot.


But then I saw some footprints in the sand;

I knew that I had seen those prints before.

Your bright red nails showed as my vision panned, 

And you were there upon that foreign shore. 


What bliss it was to capture in a dream

That glimpse as lucent as a moonlight beam.