My Vaccination Dream

My vaccine hub had called,
Asked me to take the jab.
At first I hummed and stalled,
Then rang and booked a cab.

It was very cold outside,
I’d never known it colder.
My bones had ossified,
And my nerves began to smoulder.

I coughed and gave a sneeze,
I couldn’t bear the cold.
The air was fit to freeze
The taxi’s exhaust manifold.

Of the needle I am scared,
But when I saw the size,
“I’ll take it”, I declared,
As I squeezed shut both my eyes.

“You’ll just feel a little prick”,
The nurse she said to me,
And I suddenly felt sick,
All I wished to do was flee.

Now in my upper limb,
Since I went behind that screen,
I am full up to the brim
With tetrafluoroethylene.

In fact I had the Pfizer
The other – my waking dream;
It didn’t really happen
So now I’m back on theme.

Hope for 2021

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When the world feels dark bring a Torch
Let the Torch be brightly lit
Let it illuminate the darkest corners of Earth
May Earth play its part and forever spin
For a spinning Wheel gathers no more Covid
And Covid will be killed by the Needle
And through the eye of that very Needle
Will Nature work her magic
And bring us all a Spring to recall
Life renewed in Hope
For ‘Hope is the thing with Feathers
… Which never stops at all.

VERSE – WHB: Dec.2018 . . . [ With acknowledgement to Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) ]

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The Dentist’s Chair



Reclining in the chair
My head below my knees
Waiting for the needle
Feel I want to sneeze.

TV Screen above me
Fixed onto the ceiling
Scene of pure composure
To nullify my feeling

Dentist leaning over
Says “No worse than a sting,
Just a gentle tug,
You’ll hardly feel a thing.”

I feel the pincers grasp it
That remnant of a tooth
Left over from extraction, 
Botched up in my youth.

And then the tugging starts, 
A rip, a tear, a yank,
I felt a sudden rumble
Like the revving of a tank.

He showed me what he’d dug out
Of my poor infected jaw,
A bloody piece of bone
Covered in spit and gore.

All I wanted then was
To get out of his chair;
Escape his gloating clutches,
No more of this nightmare.

It’s taken nearly two weeks, 
No longer feeling sore.
An abscess on one’s gum
One cannot just ignore.